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青岛希尼尔翻译咨询有限公司(www.sinosenior.com)整理发布  2015-10-14


青岛希尼尔翻译公司(www.sinosenior.com)2015年10月14日了解到:宿敌缅甸政府即将签署一项停火协议,支持者称赞该协议是历史性的,批评者则抨击该协议与旷日持久的谈判让人们萌生的希望有差距。Myanmar poised for ‘nationwide ceasefire’Myanmar rebel groups and their long-time government foes are on the verge of sealing a ceasefire deal that supporters hail as historic but critics attack for falling short of hopes kindled by protracted talks. 缅甸反政府武装与其

Political leaders, fighters and diplomats will gather on Thursday in Naypyidaw, the former military junta’s purpose-built capital, to ink an agreement billed as a “nationwide ceasefire” to which only eight out of 15 regional movements have signed up. 政治领导人、武装组织和外交官周四将齐聚内比都,签署一项被标榜为“全国性停火”的协议。在缅甸15个地区性运动组织中,只有8个已同意签署这项协议。

The deal’s backers say it is a crucial foundation that can be built on after landmark elections next month into a full-fledged peace process to end more than 60 years of civil conflict. But sceptics say the organisations that are signing are already in formal or de facto ceasefire agreements, while groups in active conflicts in more northern regions near the Chinese border have held back. 该协议的支持者称,这项协议是缅甸在下月举行里程碑式选举后走向全面和平进程和结束60多年内战的重要基础。但怀疑论者称,将签署这项协议的组织其实已签订正式或事实上的停火协议,而在缅甸更靠北部的缅中边境附近地区与政府有激烈冲突的组织已拒绝签署这项协议。

The deal is the product of talks launched after Myanmar’s military handed power to a quasi-civilian government in 2011 after almost half a century of repressive rule. The negotiations ebbed and flowed amid decades of mistrust and fighting in some places, notably in the eastern Kokang region on the frontier with China. 2011年,在经历了近半个世纪的专制统治后,缅甸军方把权力移交给一个准文职政府,该停火协议就是此后展开的谈判的产物。在数十年缺乏信任以及部分地区(特别是该国东部与中国接壤的果敢地区)爆发战事的背景下,这场谈判经历了起起伏伏。

Many of the groups that are due to sign are from or linked to the Karen region near the Thai border, which was for years a haven for jungle resistance fighters battling military rule. Organisations that aren’t expected in Naypyidaw include the Kokang fighters and the Kachin Independence Army, which holds areas on the northern frontier with China where vast quantities of drugs, timber and gems are smuggled. 即将签署这项协议的组织,很多都来自缅泰边境的克伦地区或与其有关联。多年来,该地区一直是与军事统治展开斗争的丛林抵抗武装的避难所。预计不会在内比都出现的组织包括果敢武装以及克钦独立军(Kachin Independence Army)。克钦独立军占据着与中国接壤的北部边境地区,那里的药品、木材和珠宝走私活动猖獗。

Thein Sein, the former Myanmar army general who became president in 2011, has said the other groups will be able to sign later — although some fear the government may try to use the emerging split between the militias as a tool to divide and rule them. 2011年成为缅甸总统的前缅军将领登盛(Thein Sein)已表示,其他组织可以日后再签署这项协议——但一些人担心,缅甸政府可能企图利用各武装组织之间形成的分歧对它们分而治之。

Min Zaw Oo, a top official at the Myanmar Peace Centre, co-ordinator of the ceasefire talks, has claimed that China pressed some holdout groups not to sign the agreement, according to Reuters. He said Beijing was also unhappy with proposals to have official witnesses to the agreement include Japan and western states, which are all vying with China for economic and political sway as this country at the crossroads of south and southeast Asia opens up. 据路透社(Reuters)报道,缅甸和平中心(Myanmar Peace Centre)高级官员、此次停火谈判的联合协调员敏佐乌(Min Zaw Oo)称,中国要求一些抵抗组织不要签署这项协议。他表示,中国政府还对停火协议把日本和西方国家列为官方见证人感到不满。随着缅甸这个处于南亚和东南亚交汇处的国家走向开放,日本和西方国家都在与中国争夺对缅甸的经济和政治影响力。

Beijing has denied the allegations, saying it has “consistently supported all sides” in the peace talks. Mr Min Zaw Oo later said his comments had been misinterpreted, adding that he was not accusing China of interference. 中国政府否认上述指控,表示“一贯支持缅甸各方”通过和平对话解决分歧。敏佐乌后来表示他的言论被误读,并称他不是在指责中国干预缅甸事务。

China, Japan, the EU and India — Myanmar’s other giant neighbour — are now all scheduled to be witnesses, after intensive diplomatic choreography. These and other public backers of the deal are hoping that this symbolic pre-election step is just a start, and not as good as it gets. 在经过密集的外交安排后,中国、日本、欧盟(EU)和印度(缅甸的另一个大型邻国)现在都将成为停火协议的见证人。这些国家以及该停火协议的其他公开支持者希望,这一具有象征意义的选举前举措只是一个开始、未来会进一步完善。


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